Walk Away from Dementia is here to help you take the first steps away from the onset of Alzheimers and dementia!

Alzheimers and dementia are one of the most destructive and deadly ailments of modern times. It is approaching epidemic staus, currently 33% of all seniors will develop some form of dementia in their lifetime and this number may grow.

Exercise, and especially walking, [along with a healthy diet] is still the proven way to delay the onset of dementia. Ten miles of walking per week or 20-30 minutes per day will diminish onset by as much as 50%!

We are here to help you find local walks and set up a regular program of walking.

Your walks can be recorded and monitored if you wish.

Once you register with us you can choose to be alerted to upcoming walks in your area.

You can walk solo or you can join a local, neighborhood group and enjoy some company, find some new friends. Start a group that walks with dogs if you like!

Some healthcare providers and sponsors may provide rewards and incentives for maintaining a regular program.